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Healthcare costs

Support you can get with things like dental costs and glasses.

Free prescriptions

Everyone who lives in Scotland gets free NHS prescriptions.

Read more about free prescriptions in Scotland

Free dental care

You get free dental care up to 26 and everyone gets a free check up. Others could get help with dental care depending on their circumstances.

Check if you can free dental care

Eye tests and glasses

Regular eye tests are free and depending on your circumstances you could get help with the cost of glasses.

Check what help you can get with eye test and glasses

Free flu vaccine

You can get a free flu vaccine if you're more at risk from the effects of flu. This includes school pupils, over 50s and if you've some health conditions.

Check how to get a free flu vaccine

Free period products

You can get free period products in many public buildings including schools, colleges and local councils.

Check where you can get free period products in your area

Help with health costs

Most NHS services are free in Scotland and there's help with other health care costs you may not know about.

Check what help you can get with health costs

Young Patients Family Fund

You could claim for the costs of food and travel if you're the parent, carer or sibling of a young inpatient getting hospital care.

Read more about the Young Patients Family Fund

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